Computer system validation training

Discover our top-notch Computerized Systems Validation training courses available on Udemy. We provide comprehensive learning solutions, all in English. Our featured courses include:

  1. Validation and maintenance of computerized system link: Dive deep into the world of computerized systems validation with this course. Learn the ins and outs of validating and maintaining computerized systems according to the latest GAMP 5 standards, version two. Computer system validation and maintenance based on the GAMP 5 link
  2. Computer System Assurance link- Quality Assurance of Computerized Systems: Ensure the highest quality and reliability of your computerized systems with this specialized training. Our Udemy course covers the essentials of computer system assurance, equipping you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel in this critical area.
  3. Agile validation in GxP link - Agile validation in GxP applies to companies developing software for GxP-regulated industries, pharmaceutical companies creating software for their internal use, and GxP-regulated companies seeking to employ agile validation for developing and validating software for their internal purposes.
  4. Data integrity for computerized systems in GxP link- Data integrity in computerized systems refers to the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of data throughout its lifecycle. It is paramount to ensure that digital information remains unaltered, reliable, and authentic, especially in critical sectors like healthcare, finance, and research
  5. Qualification of cloud infrastructure based on GAMP link Infrastructure Qualification Based on Cloud: we have been familiar with the concept of IT infrastructure qualification for years. However, with the advent of cloud computing, numerous concepts have evolved, including infrastructure models such as on-premises, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). To efficiently validate systems, it is crucial to understand these concepts, qualifications, and validation approaches. Additionally, it is essential to know how to utilize cloud providers like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft for this purpose.
  6. Validation of the Mobile Applications link is essential, as these applications can operate independently as computerized systems, integrate with other systems, and serve as medical devices, known as SaMD (Software as Medical Device). Moreover, mobile applications come with specific requirements and risks that CSV specialists need to be mindful of. An essential aspect is comprehending how these applications store data and establish connections with databases.
  7. Spreadsheet Validation based on GAMP 5 link  Spreadsheets are specialized computerized systems utilized in GxP to store and calculate data. Validating such systems involves specific considerations related to design, requirements, risk, and test cases.
  8. Consideration and validation of AI & ML GxP Systems link GAMP 5 perspectives on AI and ML systems, Good Machine Learning Practices, validation of AI and ML, ChatGPT, AI services


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